If we are not currently offering an information event or Mappenberatung, here is an overview of the most important questions. If yours is not answered, please contact Mr. Prof. Schönherr.


**What is actually a portfolio?
A portfolio is a collection of 2-dimensional drawings/photos/renderings. Each university has its own specifications regarding content and size. You can find ours at Application
We set a topic as homework and expect additional free work. We check the portfolio with a trained, quick eye, so please work mainly visually, without lengthy blocks of text and explanations (bullet points or explanatory words on individual details are ok).
Usually the works are sorted on paper and placed in a standard drawing folder, as of 2020/21 we have switched to digital formats.
You can also put a table of contents in front for a better overview.

**How many MB may the digital version of the portfolio have? (As of the Corona pandemic and therefore only digital portfolio version possible)
The size should be between 15 and 100 MB. It is important that the resolution is large enough so that you can see everything clearly. Important: this only applies to the final portfolio. If you send your drafts for the portfolio consultations to mappenberatung@uni-wuppertal.de, please do not exceed 10 MB.

**Can I get feedback on my portfolio?
Yes, this is a very good idea! You can either come to the Mappenberatungen (this makes the most sense) or send a pdf with your work to mappenberatung@uni-wuppertal.de (max. 10 MB) or post it in our WhatsApp group https://chat.whatsapp.com/INoBYE9FMgiLBde0UG4iso.

Are only "working" ideas allowed in the portfolio?
So if I have spent a long time thinking about and drawing a project and come to the conclusion that it somehow doesn't work out, do I have to discard everything?
No, you don't have to discard it. But please explain visually (e.g. with red crosses and short keywords) what and why it doesn't work or where you need to think about it further. This shows us that you are thinking and reflecting. And you learn how design works, there are always loops in which the idea evolves (or not).

**If 10 works are expected for the homework assignment, do they have to be 10 different ones or can it also be one in 10 variations?
There should be ten different ideas.

*How does the portfolio consultation work?
On site: When we meet at the university, bring the sheets, sketches, drawings or photos that you have already made (even if it doesn't look great yet).
Via Zoom: *If we meet virtually, please prepare a PowerPoint in which you place your work on slides one behind the other so that we can look at it together and you don't have to hold drawings up to the camera. You can take photos or scan the images with your cell phone using an app (for example CamScanner for android and Scanner Pro for iOS). You can label the slides with keywords, but you don't have to, as you are there to explain them.
If you don't have anything to show yet, you are of course also welcome.

Basic internship

Do I have to complete an internship before applying?
No, you can also complete the internship by the end of the 4th semester. However, experience has shown that it is best completed before or at the beginning of your studies.

The internship lasts 16 weeks and is divided into three components.

  1. 4 workshop weeks in the model making workshop of the degree program this is mandatory in the timetable of the first two semesters, you do not have to worry about it, it happens "automatically".
  2. 8 weeks in the craft area
  3. 4 weeks in the constructive area
    The internship period can be divided between several internships. The period of training in a skilled trade is recognized.
    Please also refer to our internship guide for the basic internship at https://uwid.uni-wuppertal.de/service/informationsfibeln. If you cannot find an answer to your question about the internship there, please contact our workshop management Ms. Deli
    As of spring 2021, you can also extend the compulsory internship in the 7th semester and have further content from model making in the workshop recognized, because internships are currently difficult to obtain. Please ask our workshop management Ms. Deli for the latest information.

Oral examination##

How does the oral examination work?
We would like to get to know you, get a picture of you and of course feel you out a little. That is why we will discuss some of your work together, ask technical questions about your designs and one or two personal questions. You will be in the exam together with 2 to 3 other prospective students.
We know that you are excited - rest assured, we don't get up in the morning and think to ourselves: "Today we are going to eat Bachelor applicants" ;-)

I am not in Germany, can I still take the exams?
Yes, if you have valid reasons, we will try to offer you a virtual meeting.