Degree programs

These are the key themes that best describe our two degree programs: Industrial Design (Bachelor of Arts) and Strategic Innovation (Master of Arts).

Bachelor's degree: Industrial Design (BA)
Industrial Design is a scientific, artistically creative degree program with an emphasis on technical products and product systems: a blend of design and technology.

Master's degree: Strategic Innovation in Products and Services (MA)
The Master's program is aimed at designers, economists and engineers with vision and an affinity for design who wish to work together across disciplines, dealing with strategic questions of brand and product development.

UW is one of the few German universities to offer a doctorate in the fields of design theory and strategic design. The degree awarded is that of Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. Phil).


Industrial Design (Bachelor of Arts) is a scientific and artistic course of studies with a focus on technical products and product systems.
The program places special emphasis on the designer's expertise in design, construction and practical implementation.

We are a small, very personal course of studies which focuses on the realistic feasibility of design, pursues clear processes for the devel-opment of ideas, and always bears in mind topics such as sustainability and responsibility. Our graduates work in companies or agencies, with global players or with medium-sized companies, in Europe, Asia and in the USA.

Studying Industrial Design at the University of Wuppertal means learning to develop innovations. Our professional approach is based on international standards. UWID (Universtität Wuppertal Industrial Design) is the place where the economy and people's desires for the future converge.
The standard degree program lasts four years, with admission taking place annually in the winter semester.

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The course is designed for Bachelor's degree graduates in design, economics and mechanical engineering.

These are typical of the questions that the Master's program at Wuppertal examines. Strategic innovation in products and services is a key competence for integrated product and design development in the crucial area where customer needs, economic profitability and technological feasibility meet.
Students from different disciplines work together in a team and use their varying professional backgrounds to view topics holistically, and to gain from one another's experience.

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