Studieren im Ausland

The bachelor's degree program in Industrial Design is consistently and professionally geared to the work of global agencies and compa-nies. One focus of the program is therefore internationalization: not only through semesters and/or internships abroad, but also through studying together with our international full-time students and contact with our visiting students from the USA, Europe or South America.

The semester abroad is an important career building block for future graduates, and an integral part of the degree program which we strongly promote and support.

Since 2007, UWID has been deeply involved in an exchange program with the University of Cincinnati (UC) in the USA. Several times voted the best place to study industrial design in the States, UC's approach ideally complements our focal areas here at Wuppertal. Be-sides Cincinnati, every winter semester students from Wuppertal study through Erasmus programs at European universities; in return, visiting students come to us.

The high quality of our partner universities demonstrates the respect shown abroad for the level of training offered at UWID.

Our partner univerities

UC - University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
College for Creative studies, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium
Design School Loughborough University
Aalto University Finnland
Joanneum, Graz, Österreich
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

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