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    Microsoft Outlook Calendar

    1. In Outlook, notifications are called "reminders". Outlook reminders (notifications) can be set up for calendar events and tasks (reminders).

    2. When you add a reminder (notification) to an Outlook calendar event in the iCloud library, Outlook will display a warning: "The reminder for 'Event Name' will not appear because the item is in a folder that does not support reminders. Continue?"

    3. This warning can be ignored, just click on "OK". Your reminder (notification) will still remain active for the task (reminder) or event. Outlook cannot store notification data in the iCloud calendar collection, but the iCloud Add-in and iCloud Control Panel will store the reminder in your iCloud data so you can use it. Using the iCloud add-in, iCloud can continue to receive notifica-tion-based updates to your calendar and reminders, and you will also receive the notification when you use Outlook. In other words, the notification is basically a false-positive warning.