Design camp - design like a design professional for a week during the vacations

Several times a year, we offer our design camp for one week during the NRW school vacations.
The DesignCamp is aimed at design enthusiasts between the ages of 15 and 20. During a week's vacation, you will start by designing a product based on your own ideas and then implement it by building a model. You will also learn about the various techniques for developing and manufacturing a wide range of industrial products.
During the course, you will be supervised by students and our professors have prepared a short, exciting lecture for each day of this vacation course.
You don't need any previous knowledge, just a bit of curiosity and a desire to get to grips with design.

Short and sweet:

University of Wuppertal,
Grifflenberg Campus, Building I, Level 16
Fuhlrottstr. 10
42119 Wuppertal

**What is Industrial Design?
In Industrial Design we deal with the design of products that are manufactured industrially. These are many of the things that can also be found at home: for example, games consoles, sports equipment, action cameras or Bluetooth speakers. Industrial designers also develop large machines for industry. We are also interested in things that you can't "touch": for example, how apps work well, and we think about sustainability and social projects.

The Industrial Design course at the University of Wuppertal:
The course is technically oriented, close to practice and internationally focused. We work on sustainable topics and incorporate user interfaces. After graduating, our graduates work in first-class design agencies and renowned companies - regionally and worldwide. We are a small, informal degree program with close supervision and personal contact between students and lecturers. We train inventors who want to help shape the future: with clever questions and intelligent solutions.

Perhaps you would like to study yourself soon and don't yet know exactly which direction you would like to take. The DesignCamp gives you the opportunity to test whether you like university life in Wuppertal and our Industrial Design course.
More about the course

Register// limited places! via our zdi cooperation website
(The title in the drop-down menu of the course request is "Invent and Design - Student DesignCamp")

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