At any time: Portfolio consultation via WhatsApp or email
If you would like to get personal feedback via email or WhatsApp, please create a PDF in advance (photograph your projects/images/drawings and insert them into PowerPoint, export as a PDF with several pages, max. 5 MB) and email it to

We have set up a WhatsApp group for people interested in studying, which we use to exchange ideas and answer questions - here is the invitation link:

So feel free to join the group, say a quick hello - and we have a great, direct channel. Members of our selection committee are also present in this chat - feel free to send us a short message and send photos of your work(s) and their current status: We will be happy to give you feedback!

5 tips for creating the drawings
Here in pdf

Portfolios on YouTube

We discussed some portfolios from the past (which were successful in the selection process) with the selection committee and our students and had a video camera running. You can see the result here: