Application documents

Application for the winter semester
Students are normally enrolled for the winter semester.
You can apply until 29th of May 2020 (extended deadline) for the winter semester 2020/21 .
Please submit your application documents digitally (as scan and pdf), you will be informed after you completed your online application here. Please fill in the form you find under "Bewerbungsvordruck/Antrag"
The portfolios and documents will be reviewed in mid-June, with personal interviews scheduled for 1st of July 2020.

Application documents
No specific task is set for the portfolio, nor is a specific layout required. You may choose any topic, but the size of the portfolio must be digital / and–if you like–additionally on paper (not exceed DIN A3). The following documents must be submitted on application. Please arrange them in the order listed below:

  • Completed application form – scan (see Online application form)Bewerbungsvordruck (online )
  • Authenticated copy of your bachelor’s degree certificate with the overall grade of 2.0 or better, on paper. Applicants from PRC must also submit an APS certificate with overall grade of 2.0 or better, also on paper.
  • Letter of motivation explaining your reasons for applying for this program
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Portfolio digital as pdf/on paper (maximum size A3)
  • Certificate from a design-, strategy-, developmental, ecological or interaction-oriented internship of of a minimum of 10 weeks' duration up to the time of enrollment in the master's program.
  • a written declaration by the applicant confirming that all the sample pieces in the portfolio are his or her own, independent work.

The complete application documents should be submitted as scan / you'll get the exact information after online application.
Please pay special attention to the information on the application procedure on the Faculty 08 website

Applications will not be checked for formal completeness before the application deadline. Please do not contact us after sending in your application.We will inform you in good time by post or e-mail of the success (or otherwise) of your application.

Information for applicants with a foreign degree
An application via Uni-Assist is not necessary.

Language requirements for admission to degree studies
Foreign-language applicants who wish to enroll in a German-language degree program and who did not acquire their admission qualifica-tion at a German-language institution must provide proof of sufficient knowledge of German before beginning their studies.
For enrollment in the course of study at the BUW, proof of the "Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang fremdsprachiger Studienbewerberinnen und Studienbewerber" (German Language Examination for the Admission of Foreign Language Applicants to Higher Education) with at least the result "DSH-2" is required. The DSH is held at the BUW twice a year, in March and September.
Please contact our International Office. if you have any questions about the language certificate or about access to studies with a foreign degree.

Placement in the SUMMER SEMESTER
Interested students can, where applicable, join the course directly in its 2nd semester, in the summer semester of 2020. This is possible if you have acquired at least 210 ECTS from your Design bachelor's program.
The procedure for placement in the summer semester:
Portfolio submission by (tba) in digital form (website, downloadlink or max. 10 MB pdf) or printed, to:
Bergische Universität Wuppertal FK 08, I 16.72, Frau Linn Klunk, Gaußstr. 20, 42119 Wuppertal
Please mark the envelope: Bewerbung Master Strategische Innovation.
Everything else is as described in the procedure for admission in the winter semester, below (your contact person for summer semester placement is Linn Klunk).
All necessary documents such as the letter of motivation, certificate (or other evidence from the examining authority), and curriculum vitae must be available in paper form, so that we have them to hand for our internal review. However, we also need them on CD/DVD or in digital form for archiving purposes. So - with the exception of the portfolio - everything must be printed out once.

Admission requirements

We look forward to receiving your application if you meet the following admission requirements:

Successful completion of a bachelor’s degree program with a minimum of 180 ECTS (credit points) in one of the following disciplines: indus-trial design (or industry design); product design (special focus: technical or strategic product development) or a related design study course; mechanical engineering or (business) economics (special focus in each case: product or innovation development).

An overall grade of 2.0 or better in the bachelor’s degree.

For Chinese students, the overall grade on the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) Certificate must be at least 2.0.

A good working knowledge of English is also desired.

Do not apply for this program if your overall grade is not 2.0 or better.