Bicycle Basket for Dogs

Noah Basu

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


Sommer 22

Contact noah.basu@17inch.de

The number of small dogs has risen sharply in large cities since the Corona pandemic. In addition, it is precisely in these cities that the beginnings of a mobility turnaround can be clearly felt, leading away from the car and towards the bicycle. For this, dogs should be safely transported by bike or taken on a bike tour. However, the current market offer for safe and intelligent transport options for dogs on bicycles is alarmingly low.
In this bachelor thesis, a solution with a strong focus on safety has been created. "Xeno" offers an aesthetic design as well as an innovative slat system, which on the one hand prevents the dog from jumping out in addition to the safe 4-point harness system, and on the other hand provides protection against wind, rain and sunlight. Small features like the additional ventilation on the sides and the removable folding bowl fulfils further needs of a dog owner.
With this product a benchmark is set within the transportion of dogs.

The product was developed in cooperation with "Cloud7" from Berlin.

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