Mobility Planner for People Accompanying Children in Wuppertal

Luis van den Berg

Prof. Dr. Martina Fineder
Prof. Gert Trauernicht


Sommer 22

Contact luisvandenberg@web.de


Accompanying children on an everyday basis challenges parents and other companions a lot – especially in Wuppertal, a city that is characterised by an extreme topography with steep slopes, thousands of stairs and even a different climate. Obstacles like these increase the companions‘ mobility stress even more. As if planning, navigating and fulfilling other needs (breastfeeding, changing diapers...) weren‘t already stressful enough. Wupparent is a mobility planner for everyday routes and situations like these. It helps planning and finding child/stroller friendly routes, structuring weekly routines and hence reduces not only the companions', but also children‘s stress level. Furthermore, a lot of people don‘t even know that their routes are almost identical to others‘ in their neighbourhood. Day by day, 30.000 Wuppertal children have to go to or be brought to the kindergarten or primary school – and back home. For these and other daily routes wupparent is offering the option of networking and forming walk/ride sharings. Bundling rides reduces the total amount and thus the effort, stress and time invested.

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