A concept for the conversion of parking spaces in inner cities

Leo von Boetticher

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Andreas Kalweit





The available space in cities is limited. Unfortunately, unused areas are often only used for parking spaces. Lots of paved area just to park a car on. Is it possible to use this space in other ways and make it accessible to people again? NOA is a system that creates space for pedestrians, businesses and restaurants in parking lots. Depending on requirements, NOA can be adapted to the respective use. Materials and configurations can be selected individually. Thanks to the simple modular system, transport, assembly and repair costs are very low. Noise and exhaust fumes from the street are shielded by the green area, which leads to an increase in the quality of life in the pedestrian zone. A place for encounters, plants, people and a step towards a better, car-free future.

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