The compact way to carry heavy groceries

Christina Klöpper

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Andreas Kalweit


1 21/22


CO.BAG is a backpack/trolley system that serves 1- to 2-person households in cities for shopping. Younger households between 20 and 30 without a car mainly go shopping with a backpack and carrier bag. A shopping trip for this household size can weigh between 10 and 20kg: This puts a significant physical strain on the body and can lead to aching in the back, shoulders and wrists. A well-known transport aid that puts less strain on the body is the shopping trolley, but this is perceived as too bulky and inconvenient to handle. That is why this bachelor's thesis focuses on a compact design. The backpack has a volume of 21 litres and has a solid plastic wall at the front with a cut-out that is backed by a more flexible textile wall. The chassis with the closed trolley bag can be hooked into this cut-out and thus transported conveniently on the way to the shopping trip.
The trolley bag itself has a volume of 36 litres and weighs about 2 kg; additional bags can be attached to its telescopic rod. If the trolley is not needed, the backpack can be taken along without the trolley.

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