Lisa Jagieniak

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 21/22


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The Hello video doorbell is a doorbell that is permanently mounted on the wall and wired. This doorbell is designed for people who value quality and security at their home. The modern and simple design is suitable for almost any house wall.

The chrome frame encloses a screen on which the homeowner can leave messages for the person ringing the bell. In standby mode, the house number is displayed. In addition, the screen protects the camera module behind it. As soon as motion is detected, the user is able to view the area in front of his front door on his smartphone.

The doorbell button is embedded in the screen and functions via a haptic pressure point. In addition, there is an acoustic feedback when the bell is pressed. By engraving the surface of the button, the name of the resident of the house is weatherproof and can be quickly recognized as the bell button. On the lowered surface is the loudspeaker, which with its organic pattern breaks up the otherwise geometrically clear form.

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