Between Spaces

Jule Companie

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert


1 19/20


With the mission to reactivate commercial vacancies and develop alternative use scenarios, the causes and influences were investigated. The situation of commercial vacancies has to be considered as a whole, since many different factors form an impact structure. In the following master's thesis, a wide-ranging desktop research opens up, in which conclusions and potentials are collected after each chapter.

The result is an interim use platform for strengthening neighbourhood development and preventing vacant commercial space. The platform makes it possible to match vacant commercial properties, or hosts, to intermediate users. A feature of the platform is that the hosts can also search for a suitable user and do not have to wait for enquiries. Hosts and intermediate users can create informative profiles, on which on the one hand the premises and on the other hand the activities or alternative use scenarios are presented.

Parallel to this, a prevention of commercial vacancies is to be focused on. Hosts can earn additional income through rental segments. In this way, for example, refurbishment costs could be covered in order to maintain the status of the premises at a good level. In addition, a neighbourhood can gain more attention and activity. The platform also wants to create good conditions for people who are looking for a space to develop which they normally could not afford.

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