Noah Basu

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 19/20



With the e-bike controller egon the touring mountain biker is offered the possibility to combine individual riding data with competition among friends. The controller displays up to 25 different pieces of information, which can be personalised in the A highlight is the option to compare and evaluate them within the riding group or with your friends. Thus the high ambition of the athletes is addressed and the user group is motivated to go by e-bike more often in order to continuously improve their personal performance.

The design fits the interests of the sportsmen who are looking for the extreme. With the brand colours of Husqvarna, the control element conveys a sportive and dynamic feel. The striking yellow surfaces are the interfaces through which communication between user and product takes place. Another important feature is the ability to remove the controller. Perfect for comparing data at the end of a tour in a mountain cabin and for conveniently connecting to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. Of course, this feature is also practical in cities to protect the controller from theft.

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