Isabell Neubert

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert


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Planning and structuring of an innovation lab

Viega Holding is an internationally operating family company in the field of sanitary and heating technology with 3,500 employees worldwide. The product range consists of over 17,000 products from the product areas of sanitary and heating systems, piping systems, connection technology, pre-wall technology and drainage technology. Viega is also the world market leader in press-fit technology.
In order to meet new requirements and changes in the market, the innovation process is to be opened up. The thesis focuses on the question of how Viega can generate ideas for radical innovations and how these can be successfully developed within the company. The elaborated process envisages that these ideas are generated using the open innovation approach in an innovation lab and developed to a certain degree. If the idea insists in the evaluation and development process of the innovation lab, it is integrated into the front-end process of the core company.

This master‘s thesis was written in cooperation with Viega Holding and is confidential.

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