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Veronika Martin

Prof. Martin Topel


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The Bulthaup kitchen scale, with its clear design language and material honesty, fits perfectly into the b Solitaire product line. In addition to the weighing function, the smart kitchen scale can be easily loaded with recipes using a smartphone or tablet. On the large display of the scale you can go through the recipes and prevent soiling of the smartphone during preparation. The progress of the mixing of ingredients is continuously shown on the display. If the smartphone is not in use, the scale can be used to perform the normal weighing procedure. The display also provides access to an ingredient database that can be used to develop your own recipes and synchronize them with your smartphone. Thanks to its stainless steel body and the haptic maple weighing plate, Bulthaup creates a materiality that can be experienced and thus one more component that turns the kitchen into a space for encounters and communication.

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