Luis van den Berg

Prof. Martin Topel


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Technisches Entwerfen

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Introducing the edgeboard, a combination of chopping board and kitchen scale enters the market of kitchen aids. Cutting and weighing – it's both feasible on the oaken board.
In order to relieve the pressure from the weight sensors when cutting vegetables and more, the board is used in a slightly tilted position. At that point it is standing on the rear edge and the front overlap. The edgeboard is enabled when being pulled across table edge so that the weight sensors are resting on the table and are therefore being stressed.
Oak impresses with its natural optics and ideal haptics, furthermore it is a longlasting domestic material. Like any other wood, oak needs intensive care. This is why the technical unit, including the separate display, is detachable. The chopping board and scale both maintain their primary function and can be used indepentently.

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