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System for optimizing the processes of handling baby food

Balanced and fresh food is part of a healthy lifestyle. Parents attach more and more importance to a conscious diet of their babies. Nevertheless, it remains problematic for many working parents to integrate an ideal meal for their little ones into the hectic everyday life. From the sixth month on, when the nutritional supplement is added, baby, mom and dad fight with ready-made and hard-to-digest porridges.
Bodhi, on the other hand, is fresh and helps the baby to get to know the taste of a new ingredient. A Bodhi box contains four bags of a single fresh ingredient. In a period of two to three days, this newly integrated food is tested for taste and tolerability.
Later, ingredients can be mixed at will and quickly prepared as an individual meal. High Pressure Pasteurization destroys bacteria and germs, and unlike heat sterilization for ready-to-use pulp, retains vitamins and the natural colour of the food. The lightweight packaging is ideal for transport, does not require a spoon, is resealable and suitable for feeding on the go.


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