In-Car Entertainment Strategy 2025

Bartosch Reichelt

Prof. Dipl.- Ing. Dipl.- Des. Andreas Kalweit
Prof. Dr.- Ing. Fabian Hemmert


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Conception of Future Entertainment Experiences for Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving will have a major impact on the mobility world of tomorrow. It creates time for other value-adding activities during the journey. Under this premise, new activities and offers can be implemented in the vehicle.
The design of future entertainment experiences is linked to the dynamic changes in living environments and technological developments. Customer expectations of future entertainment, interior and equipment are as individual as they are.
Taking the Audi brand strategy 2025 into account, a strategic approach was developed which, depending on the purpose and requirements, makes it possible to offer entertainment tailored to the needs of drivers and passengers, bringing together digital ecosystems and interfaces to create a personalized customer experience.
The journes becomes the destination.

The master thesis was writtern in cooperation with Audi Electronics Venture GmbH and is confidential.

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