Kathrin Neumann

Prof. Martin Topel


2 18

Technisches Entwerfen


Copin should be a friend in terms of cuisine, as the name suggests. The kitchen scale is very easy to operate because everything is intuitive. Copin turns itself on when something is placed on the weighing surface.
The tare function can be performed by turning the weighing surface to the left. If you hear a click, you can release it and it jumps back to the starting position with the help of a spring inside. After that, a zero appears on the top surface. The screen itself can not be seen from above, as the numbers shine through a covering silicone layer.
Due to the metal ring on the kitchen scale it has a larger decoration value. That‘s why Copin can simply be left standing on the countertop or on the open shelf and still looks fitting. If the kitchen scale can stay in its place, storage is a lot easier.

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