Ziyao Li

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Andreas Kalweit


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Development of a design-led methodology for Futuring at manufacturing companies

Futuring is the process of the future. Successful companies are continuously prepared to adapt to change. Understanding these changes is the basis of Futuring. Futuring is a design-led methodology of innovation processes, which can help manufacturing companies to thrive through the strategic value of innovation.
The process focuses on picturing the future and proposing solutions for manufacturing companies, who design, produce and sell products in certain industries and expect to gain benefits through innovative solutions. By stipulating the outcomes of each stage, the process ensures promising and comprehensive innovation solutions regardless of the uncertainty of creative mind. A general methodology, that may apply to a group of manufacturing companies, is the outcome of the thesis.

An example project for Jiyin Co, Ltd was conducted as practical research to test and reflect the process.

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