Lara Aue

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 18/19



Snowboarders and skiers love spectacular videos. The modular camera system GLOBE one combines a new way of recording with easy handling that has never been seen before.

The system consists of individual camera units, each including a 180° wide-angle lens. The camera units can be combined easily and allow for easy recording of 360° videos. It is possible to record in two different perspectives at the same time by choosing different focal lengths for each unit. In the new „Follow me“ mode the camera can stay in focus of your skiing partner by turning automatically.

Instead of many small accessories, GLOBE one focuses on an easy way of attachment by means of magnetic rings. This, in combination with voice control, allows for a comfortable handling. Moreover the attachment of a 360°-microphone or an additional hard disk is possible. A reduced power consumption as well as an emergency call option for accidents are features that characterize GLOBE one as the perfect camera for your alpine winter adventures.

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