Alexandra Katsnelson

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 18/19



The water resistant actioncam snowflow is designed for use in alpine sports. Thanks to its flat and slightly angled front, water- and snowdrops will flow away from the sight of the lens. lnside it is lined with insulating foam which allows for a thermal insulation of the built-in technology. That's why the cam can withstand cold temperatures and have a Ionger run time. snowflow is designed for easy use with gloves: The dark gum material allows for a good grip. The power button is large and easy to reach when the camera is in use.

To enable a Ionger run time the camera has two batteries. One is built in, while the other can be exchanged to insert another charged batterie. The blue LED shows that the camera is filming, whereas the other one shows the power Ievel with a colour. Green shows that the battery is fully charged and it turns more and more red while the battery is emptied.

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