Danny Ludwig

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 18/19



The new camera CC-360 focuses on content creators such as filmmakers or vloggers. The main idea is to give the user the oppurtunity to expand the functionality of the cameras by combining two or more of them. As soon as there is at least one more camera within reach, both cameras connect via an integrated Bluetooth network. The connection enables them to program recordings and use different modes, such as stereo and 360° recordings.

Another core feature are changeable lenses. There are different lenses with different focal lenghts, enabling optimal customisability. The microphones and batteries are located in the lower part of the camera. Both components are isolated from each other. This enhances the quality of the audio recording while increasing battery life as well. The indentation on the back provides a slot for external modules, such as mountings. It is controllable via an app for which a Bluetooth-ready device is needed.

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    Flame of Prayers
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