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The bodycamera Memento was designed for being used specifically by special forces of any kind. While developing the concept, the main focus was set on the following features: easy and undistraced operation, robust design, reliability and sustainability.

The three big rubberized buttons enable the user to easily operate the camera – even with gloves. Integrated ifrared and LED lights allow for an inconspicious or conspicious recording possible, even at night. The red LED ring around the fisheye lens and a warning sound signal let the user and the people around know about the beginning and end of a recording. In addition to that, a light symbol will be projected onto the operator's hand when held in front of the camera to enable a safe and undistracted operation even in the most stressful situations. The bulletproof glass pane as well as the fisheye lens are easily and quickly replaceable to save both money and resources. The magnet-supported mount ensures fast attachment and detachment while preserving maximum stability and security.

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