Compact coffee maker for modern, small apartments with little space.

Virginia Kutschera

Prof. Martin Topel
Dipl. Des. Sascha Dittrich


Sommer 23

This coffee maker is designed for modern, apartments where space is often limited. For this reason, this coffee maker can be mounted on the wall to save space. To cater to individual needs, the wall mount comes in three lengths, serving not only as a hanger for the product but also for kitchen utensils.

Furthermore, additional accessories are deliberately not integrated but can be plugged in according to the user's personal preferences. A hollow plug socket allows for the attachment of a milk frother, which would be available separately. If a milk frother is not needed, the space can be used for coffee powder storage.

Thanks to its direct brewing system and intelligent water control, the machine evenly distributes the optimal amount of water over the coffee grounds. This results in a more aromatic coffee, making the product appealing not only due to its compactness but also its functionality.

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