Luisa Ebeling

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Dr. Martina Fineder


Sommer 22


"Food can be a vehicle for social change. It brings people together in a way that very few activities can." - Anim Steel
Canning is the preservation of food by cooking it and sealing it airtight in jars.
In the post-war years, canning was done out of necessity. After this situation changed, the practice of canning and the knowledge about it fell into oblivion.
Nowadays, especially the younger generation puts more emphasis on healthy, sustainable food and has an awareness of using seasonal, local food.
"Cando" is a pressure cooker specialized in canning. It is designed for beginners* who have no experience with canning and guides them through the process. Almost all foods such as fruits, vegetables and even ready-made recipes can be canned in jars in a water bath. These will keep for several months without refrigeration. "Cando" promotes the preparation of healthy, freshly cooked meals, the sustainable use of food and invites people to cook preserves together as a social activity.

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