Communication system for seniors and their families

Katharina Jansen

Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert

Yuliya Sobol


Winter 22/23



Senior citizens and their families often lack topics of conversation that go beyond the weather and food.
The reason for this is that senior citizens often hear little about the lives of the younger generation. This
problem is to be solved by the communication system „clac“, in which the senior citizens can keep up to
date with the activities of their families in an intuitive way.
This makes conversations more varied. Social media is commonplace in our digital world. So why not
send grandma or grandpa a short video from everyday life and give them a treat?
„clac“ enables senior citizens to look into the digital world of their grandchildren in a simple way. The system
is based on a marble run, in which a marble rolls out of the device for a newly arrived video message.
When the marble is placed on the playback tray, the video starts in the VR glasses. Once the video is over,
a response to the video can be sent back by spinning the marble. The grandchildren then receive a message
with the selected symbol on their smartphone. „clac“ is thus an analog solution for senior citizens
to participate in the digital lives of their grandchildren.

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