Development of a portable device for recording voices and noises

Justus Kaufmann

Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Matthias Schönherr


Winter 22/23

Contact justuskaufmann99@gmail.com

Sound events transport important information, enable interpersonal communication and can have a lasting effect on our emotions. In order to store these short-lived events, numerous audio recorders are offered on the market. But semi-professional users as well newcomers are confronted with complicated devices and confusing interfaces.

With an ergonomic shape and an intuitive operating concept, the SWAVE-07 stands out from existing recorders and represents a high-quality and feature-rich alternative. Thanks to interchangeable microphone attachments, the recorder can be adapted to a wide range of application scenarios and is suitable for characterful vocals as well as neutral stereo recordings. In total, the SWAVE-07 has four inputs that can be used for external microphones, instruments or one of the microphone attachments. Furthermore, the device can be used as an audio interface, so that audio signals can be processed directly on the computer, even outside of a studio environment.


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