An audiovisual system for a controlled entry of people in private areas to increase security

Laurin Büscher

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 21/22



The Secura video doorbell not only meets the requirements of a typical doorbell, but is also suitable for securing your own living area.

The doorbell convinces with permanent video surveillance, which activates on movement. It provides sharp and detailed images to make unwanted visitors visible to you - even at night.

The large design of the front element eliminates the need to search for the bell button. At dusk, the button starts to glow and thus also illuminates the nameplate, which is located underneath. The button lights up when used and simultaneously releases an audio signal so that visitors also get feedback on the operation of the bell.

An intercom system controlled via an app allows contact to be made with the person at the entrance without having to face them personally. The video material can be accessed via the app and is temporarily stored for a certain time.

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