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Organization system for the home

Do you know that drawer or box that holds everything from batteries to screwdrivers? The storage location for all the things or small parts that cannot be assigned a specific place in the apartment?

ORDNING is a solution for this problem. Its multifunctional properties make it flexible in use. The oak top is rotatable and serves as a seat, table or work surface. If there are small, simple activities in the household, they can be done quickly and easily with ORDNING as a helper. Inside, ORDNING offers plenty of storage space for a wide variety of objects that can be stored there by the user. ORDNING is therefore the ideal piece of furniture for small living spaces, because it takes on various tasks without wasting space.

Thanks to its calm shape, ORDNING can be integrated into any living environment. The combination of white plastics and wood looks inviting and can be combined with any interior.

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