Justus Röhl

Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert

German Federal Foreign Office


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Knowledge About All Things Europe

The European Union stands for solidarity and a common understanding of values. It is therefore one of the greatest interests to know as much as possible about the direct and indirect neighbors on your own continent, even if it is only about funny facts or curious laws. Union combines the thirst for knowledge from the question cards of various categories around the continent of Europe with a tactical approach and adaptation on the game board.

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    Exemplary Design
    Jakob Höxtermann<br>Leon Affeldt<br>Chiara Krauss<br>Lea-Marie Loncaric<br>Christina Sessler<br>Cai Yu Wu<br>Larissa Mladenova<br>Vincenzo Ienopoli

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    Tobias Gerbracht

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