Miriam Glöß

Prof. Martin Topel

Sascha Dittrich


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A security system for the surveillance of private homes

Security within one's own living environment is a basic prerequisite for personal well-being. A burglary can massively impair this feeling of safety and accompany the affected person for a long time.

That is why the GUARDs security system focuses on building user confidence and dealing efficiently with break-in situations. The heart of the system is an intelligent video surveillance system that uses facial recognition to distinguish between known and unknown persons. If an unknown person is detected, defence mechanisms are activated which will deter the burglar using various approaches. In the event that an aggressive reaction is provoked, the video surveillance system is protected several times against outages and sabotage. In addition, the camera is supported by motion sensors at all vulnerable access points, which "arm" the system and activate the alarm in a serious threat situation.

All personal data as well as video material is encrypted within the system and stored on a self-selected, local data carrier.

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