Maximilian Klaiss

Prof. Martin Topel
Dipl. Des. Sascha Dittrich


1 20/21


Industrial belt grinder

Stationary belt grinders are important machines in industry and craft. They are used for quick work of almost all materials and can be adjusted in many ways by the user. Time and safety are the most important factors, which is why the machine must be configured quickly and precisely.

The stationary beltgrinder Omni combines simplicity with flexibility and questions the structure of common machines. It is a multifunctional tool whose innovation is its versatile tilting unit. It allows the user to align the milling unit horizontally or vertically within seconds. Many manufacturing processes can be combined in one machine.

The rotateable sanding table is extremely practical. It can be rotated by 90 degrees and allows for the user to use the longest area of the Belt. Further tools can also be added here. The design is very close to its functional parts and gives a sovereign impression through the coloring.

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