Sebastian Krüger

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Dipl. Des. Sascha Dittrich


1 20/21

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Ergonomic knee pads for the prevention of arthrosis

Construction workers tend to work on their knees up to six hours per day. Unnatural postures like kneeling or squatting can lead to damaged menisci after only a few years of labor. A product that supports body posture and avoids dangerous angles in knee joints can help maintaining the ability to work.

Conventional knee pads often tend to impair blood circulation due to tight straps that slide into the hollow of the knee. Lexo Knee Pads are equipped with a spring mechanism that expands the strap diameter when kneeling, making sure that blood circulation is not affected. Lexo Knee Pads can adapt to different environments by replacing the front shell and are fully adjustable to individual body measurements.

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