Ikigai Onigiri

Thanh Ta

Prof. Martin Topel
Dipl. Des. Sascha Dittrich


1 20/21

Contact taduythanh7@gmail.com

Rice cooker

Rice is considered a staple food in numerous countries and cultures around the world and has been a major part of the daily diet for millennia. The increasing interest in healthy eating could make rice a new important part of the diet in western countries as well.

The Ikigai Onigiri concept is a device that makes the process of cooking rice more effortless and convenient. Especially in the field of kitchen appliances, the products must be usable by as many people as possible regardless of age, skills, knowledge and physical traits. In order to meet this requirement, attention was paid to create a user-friendly design, which is reflected in the visual appearance and functions of the Onigiri. Aspects of practicability and hygiene were taken over from existing products, rethought and implemented. In its entirety, the Onigiri offers maximum convenience for beginners and experienced hobby cooks through innovation and familiar functional properties.

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