Luis van den Berg

Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Andreas Kalweit


1 20/21


Air Purifier for mobile use within indoor spaces

Air pollution is omnipresent in our everyday lives. In confined indoor spaces, impure air particles are an underestimated threat to people suffering from allergies and respiratory illnesses. Exposure to outdoor allergens such as pollen, for example when letting in „fresh“ air, may intensify an allergic response in affected humans.

The CAIRE air purifier is a trusted solution for mitigating respiratory health risks. With its practical and long-lasting battery pack, the air purifier, at only 52 centimeters tall, can be conveniently transported and utilized. The device features a soft, friendly, yet linear design – and may quickly become one’s new loyal at-home companion.

By adjusting the two handles of the upper housing, one gains access to the filter system. This removable filter unit is designed for easy cleaning and servicing. The air purifier can be operated via the device’s touch display, or the CAIRE mobile app. Both allow for gathering information about the surrounding air quality, filter cleanliness, battery life and more. Additionally, IOT capabilities include the programming of rooms and the creation of custom user profiles.

CAIRE takes care of better days and nights.

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