Helm fürs Fallschirmspringen

Alexander Salice

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Andreas Kalweit


1 20/21

Contact alex.salice@yahoo.de

Helmet for parachute jumping

This project's intention was to improve the safety of a skydiving equipment. Security is the number one priority in skydiving. Many checks will ensure that the skydiver is safe and everything works just fine. However, the research to this project discovered some issues, especially by using the existing skydiving helmets on the market. The design concept of Drop stands for fun at skydiving with a high level of security.

By using this helmet the skydiver can focus completely on their jump without having any doubt in their protection. The visor is fully retractable and keeps the helmet in an aerodynamic shape. The inner padding and the user-friendly locking mechanism offer a unique user experience to the skydiver.

The magnetic camera mount installs with ease and releases itself in case of malfunction. An inner shell protects the user from serious brain concussion in case of an accident. This helmet combines innovative safety features and an aerodynamic design.

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