Moritz Schulz

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 20/21



CHECK-In is an IR thermometer for contactless measuring of the human body temperature that includes all involved persons transparently. Possible users are checkpoints in public and sensitive areas.

Via two-sided synchronized LEDs information is passed quickly between the interacting parties, even if they are in a hurry. Because measuring takes place to check if a fever is developed, the exact numbers are not relevant in the first place. Still, they remain always available through the rocker switch. The light and the measuring unit are configured through two buttons.

The light-absorbing color and deep-set light provide privacy and hide the result from uninvolved others. On the user side, the interface is open and bright – allowing for a fluent stream of information.

The shape is round and flat. Therefore, the process of scanning is disarmed and the usual scanning through pistol-shaped devices belongs to the past. The thermometer comes with an integrated Battery (USB-C slot) and a holder for lanyards or shoulder straps.

This project was developed as a student project and not on behalf of any company mentioned.

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