Kärcher Puretek

Adrian Degner

Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert
Prof. Matthias Schönherr



1 19/20

Contact adrian_degner@yahoo.de


The cleaning of public toilets causes high physical strain for the cleaning staff and exposes them to unhygienic situations on a daily base. While the cleaning of almost all other areas has noticeably improved through the use of new technologies, progress in the cleaning of public toilets has stagnated. For daily cleaning, chemical cleaning agents are still used, but these could be completely dispensed.

Steam cleaning is an alternative that is both more environmentally friendly and less physically demanding.
Kärcher Puretek has dedicated itself to this potential and makes steam cleaning usable for the commercial cleaning of public toilets. The product can be adapted to many different site conditions by means of different modules and allows for a high degree of flexibility.

This bachelor thesis was developed in cooperation with the Kärcher company and is subject to confidentiality.

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