Diplo 160

Marie Lucienne Ibach

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 19/20


Contact marie99.ibach@googlemail.com

The e-bike controller Diplo 160 supports modern business people in their everyday life on the streets of capitals. On the centrally placed display, the cyclist can see the most important information about the range and setting of the assistance and can also switch the navigation to it as desired.

To change the support of the e-bike, the rider only has to move the wheel positioned to the left or right up or down. To activate navigation, the cyclist must enter the destination address in the corresponding app before the journey. This also shows directly whether the current battery charge is sufficient to reach the destination. Diplo 160 automatically adapts the light of the e-bike to the prevailing conditions by means of an integrated sensor, so that the rider is always recognized by drivers in good time. Diplo 160‘s unobtrusive and reduced design integrates very well with the handlebars as the controller takes up the curves of the handlebars.

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