Lisa Schröder

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 19/20


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FLOWTEC Compact is made for the use in very rough terrain. Its compact body and scratch-resistant display form a solid protection for the electronic system. The body is water- and weatherproof and easy to clean. The wireless design makes the cockpit look cleaner and avoids cable breaking. The functions are simplified to the essential ones to keep the handling simple and intuitive. This leads to the compact form and stops distraction while biking. Two large buttons are the only control elements. They are easy to reach and have a rough, rubberized surface to assure enough grip in all conditions, even if it’s wet and muddy. The display is designed small enough to stop drawing too much attention, but big enough to communicate important information easily and fast. Therefore the information shown is reduced to the essentials: The charge of battery and the current mode. The design is functional and simple. A bevel builds a frame around the body and creates a more sportive and dynamic look.

You can connect FLOWTEC Compact to your computer to switch the function of the two buttons. That allows for the use on both sides of the handlebar. The controller can be removed from the clip to make the handling easier and to protect it against theft. The assembly and disassembly work with a magnetic lock and a click mechanism to get a chatter-free and safe fit.

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