Kemajl Shala

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 19/20


Contact shala.kemajl.ks@gmail.com

The concept E-B has no age limit, but it is aimed at cross-country skiers and mountain bikers. The e-bike controller has two displays and offers a wide range of options on which information should be displayed.

The controller is small and compact and is therefore easy to hold. The sliding function gives you access to the second display by selecting the desired display on the main display. You can choose between speed, navigation and much more. The built-in camera enables video recordings while driving and also pictures of the tour – perfect for one or the other stunt.

Thanks to the sliding function, the controller grows in size and can also be operated in this way. An integrated SIM card enables Internet access and thus an exchange of the services obtained. E-B also cuts a fine figure next to the bike.

  • eMatrix  UWID

    Xiaotian Wang

  • Strom  UWID

    Liqing Zhang

  • Cyclist  UWID

    Christian Rüsseler

  • S-1  UWID

    Justus Kaufmann