Bauke Fabian Herkt

Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert


1 19/20


Respiratory diseases are not uncommon in animals and can severely affect daily life. They then require rapid treatment. Besides a systemic administration, which circulates through the whole body, there is also a topical administration, which acts directly in the affected area and is therefore less stressful for the organism: inhalation therapy. Due to the large number of different animal species, physiognomies and species-specific behaviour, a system is needed that responds to the circumstances.

VIS is an inhalation system that adapts to these contexts. Due to its flexible design, it can be used in combination with the inhalation mask, which is suitable for dogs, or it can be attached to numerous commercially available transport boxes and cages, so that cats, birds and other small animals for which inhalation therapy via mask is not suitable can be treated. The main focus of the concept is a simple and species-appropriate treatment.

  • Strom  UWID

    Liqing Zhang

  • Ebike Controller – Polemo  UWID

    Ebike Controller – Polemo
    Nick Wode

  • Vacure  UWID

    Fabiola Monge Buitrago

  • handlebar one  UWID

    handlebar one
    Serafin Rossa-Tykwer