Bauke Fabian Herkt

Prof. Martin Topel


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Technisches Entwerfen


Due to times of digitalisation, recipes are sought out at short notice on the Internet or via apps more and more frequently when preparing food at home. The problems that arise – including the interruption of the recipe display by incoming phone calls and the multiple unblocking of the touchscreens, which have to be regarded as hygienically critically – lessen the cooking experience.

Thanks to its own app, the scale called Prepare enables the user to load the recipe from any recipe web site onto the scale and display it on the retractable display. The app actually serves only as a transmitter of the recipe to the scale, after which the tablet or smartphone is no longer needed during the cooking process.
Despite the large screen, the use of E-Ink technology guarantees very long usage without battery replacement in the meantime. If you do not weigh any specific mass according to a recipe and therefore only need the mass value, you can view it through the transparent surface of the scale even when the display is retracted.

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