Fatih Yavuz

Prof. Martin Topel


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Technisches Entwerfen

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The Caso Optiview kitchen scale offers the user a timeless and futuristic design. This scale concept has been kept as minimalist as possible in order to offer the user an easy to use kitchen helper. The target group of the Caso Optiview is not limited to an age group, it is rather materials and design-oriented. The design language is limited to basic shapes, which are shaped with radiuses and its minimalist design is typically based on a clear cuboid whose panel is facing the user. This causes a sense of commitment and active communication. The top surface, which is visually separated from the housing, consists of a scratch-free gorilla glass, which shows a valuable and durable look.

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    Miriam Glöß

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    Katlin E. Sommer

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    Paulina Wagner

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    Saeid Farajollahlavasani