Smart Backofen

Liang Zhao

Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert


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Smart Oven for 2025

There is an interesting phenomenon in present day China that the new generation no longer cooks at home. Instead, these young adults use food delivery services or eat out in restaurants almost every day. Cooking daily at home is extremely time consuming and work-intensive, especially after long working hours with enormous pressure. The new services, on the other hand, are convenient and easily accessible on smartphones. Nevertheless, people are still concerned about food safety and the high costs of eating out and wish to have fresher, healthier food at home.
The focus of this project is the oven, an entirely new kind of kitchen appliance for the Chinese, and how this hardware can work with new services to bring additional value to their daily lives by solving problems of having meals for the new generation.

This is a confidential cooperation project with BSH Home Appliances GmbH.

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