Sebastian Härder

Prof. Martin Topel


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Technisches Entwerfen

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By introducing the bathroom scale Mindet, the Danish design company shows how to achieve a long life cycle in the digital era. With Mindet there is no need for changing the batteries. A silver power button generates energy for one minute of usage when being pushed with a foot.

If the scale is in the way on the bathroom floor, it can be hung up on a hook like a towel. Thanks to the plastic shell it is light enough and it has a matte surface with a warm touch and grip for your feet. The leather strip makes it possible to put the scale on the floor and back on the wall without bending down. If not needed, it can be removed easily. The form of Mindet is inspired by the clean, geometric design of Menu’s products. The big radiuses reduce the danger of injury and they give a friendly character trait to the scale.

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