Nike Libra

Gürkan Orak

Prof. Martin Topel


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Technisches Entwerfen


Nike Libra has not only been developed for those who identifiy with the Nike brand, but also for those who want to call a sportive and modern scale their own. One of its special features is the sleek design with its individual colors, as well as the digital numerical display which is based on the iconic Nike font. Another designfeature is the thin black notch, which stretches along the outer edges and thus forms a unit with the display. This notch is right under the safety glass and keeps itself in frame proverbially and allows a large-scale view.
When stepping on the scale, it only shows the person's weight. If you want to find out more extensive body data, you have the option to connect a smartwatch with the scale on the same WiFi network, so the Nike app can provide you with your body data.

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