Timo Rohden

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 18/19


Contact timo9300@outlook.de

The actioncam +1_Pro is the ideal companion for recording videos in the automotive domain. It uses its additional AI-controlled lens in order to make smart, high-quality recordings. This lens is located right beneath the main lens and it sees everything the main lens can see. An AI algorithm processes these recordings along with information such as brightness, focus and aperture that it gets from the main lens. Thanks to this it can always find the right settings for any occasion. It can also track a previously defined object so it stays in focus while it moves.

The camera is controlled mostly via a touch screen on top of its shell. There you can turn the camera on and off and start or stop the recording. An led ring on the front of the camera indicates whether it is filming at the moment or not. Bumpers around the case of +1_Pro reduce damage in case of crashes.

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